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Lichtstein luminous stone, so the stone wall in the bright time and space, elegant natural style.In the faint light, we can produce the special effects,
the indoor the Galaxy Star, both healthy and beautiful and safest stone.

Luminous natural Travertine absorb natural light ultraviolet light during the day, or at any time to absorb the lamp bulb in the dim light source so as to issue a luminous effect, to show the special features of holes in natural light,
a new realm of visual beauty, and both energy saving safe and healthy
green features.

the exclusive has luminous Travertine totome,
you can consult the latest business opportunities through a network, on the hole slab luminous.

Aesthetic: the ever-changing, at all times,
the most natural quaint and beautiful.

Sound-absorbing: natural Travertine many pores
produce good sound-absorbing effect.

Power saving: lighting reduce the romantic

Health: a whole are natural minerals.

Security: power outages, emergency escape

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